In China


  • Located in Xiaogang, Ningbo
  • Next to Haitian Road Plant Area

On 23 floors at the headquarters building of Haitian Group, Haitian International is presented with key functional departments like sales, R&D, administrative departments, etc. It is adjacent to Haitian Road Plant Area for medium and large size injection molding machines and not far away from Tongtu Road Plant Area and Jiangnan Road Plant Area. The excellent location facilitates the most efficient communication between most important functional departments.



Ningbo Production Area

  • Located in Ningbo
  • Total production area: 1,120,000 sqm
  • Total land area: 1,540,000 sqm
  • Six Plant Areas
    • Jiangnan Road Plant Area
    • Haitian Road Plant Area
    • Tongtu Road Plant Area
    • Dagang Plant Area
    • Huayuan Plant Area
    • Zhafir Plant Area



Guangzhou Production Area

  • Total production area: 23,000 sqm
  • Located in Panyu, Guangzhou
  • Production of small tonnage machines for southern area of China



Wuxi Production Area

  • Total production area: 216,000 sqm
  • Located in Wuxi, Jiangsu
  • Production of hydraulic machines