Since its introduction in 2006, Haitian’s MA Series has sold more than 300,000 times, which makes it the best-selling servo-hydraulic energy-saving injection molding machine in the world and the main model of Haitian International.

With the 3. Generation Technology the new Mars Series combines various innovations in the field of hardware and software, for example the new optimized high-drive servo-hydraulic power system combined with intelligent motion control technology to enable full closed-loop control of the injection process, improving injection accuracy and making the machine even more efficient.

Xinzhihong Electric Co., Ltd.

Due to the remarkable energy-saving efficiency and stable characteristics of the MAIII Series, as well as the greatly improved intelligence of the machine, it has been widely appreciated by customers. In particular, it has shown excellent performance in the production of small home appliance parts. Xinzhihong, a manufacturer of small home appliances, is a loyal user of Haitian MA3.

Since its establishment in 2013, Xinzhihong Electric Co., Ltd. has always been dedicated to the manufacturing of household appliances and parts. It is the main plastic parts supplier of Bo Ling Electric and other major European and American first-tier home appliance brands. Its product line covers many fields such as soybean milk machines, coffee machines and blenders.

From the persistent pursuit of quality and efficiency, Xinzhihong Electric has been developing remarkably fast. From 15 machines in the beginning to 95 machines in the whole line now, the development momentum cannot be underestimated. Today, 240 million plastic parts are assembled every month in the factory of Xinzhihong Electric.

This year, in order to accelerate the expansion of market share and improve product quality, Xinzhihong Electric has purchased 45 MAIII machines from Haitian International making it their main model. Equipped with servo manipulators and dehumidification drying automatic feeding system, the injection molding workshop for small household appliances of Xinzhihong has realized efficient production.

Talking about the advantages of MAIII, the supervisor in charge of Xinzhihong said, “The MAIII shows super high intelligent performance! At the same time, it still maintains high efficiency and energy savings, especially the upgrading options from universal to quick automation interface, make the operation very easy. After integrating the MAIII in our production automation, our output rate has greatly improved while the return on investment has been substantially increased.”

Fueling home appliance market

In 2020, under the requirements of epidemic prevention and home isolation, the sales of small household appliances on e-commerce platforms grow rapidly, and the home appliance industry saw an exciting outbreak.

Zhang Wenxue, Yuyao regional sales manager of Haitian International said that local companies have rapidly expanded their production capacity to seize the market, which has led to the rising demand for injection molding machines. 2020’s Outstanding performance of Yuyao was driven by the booming development of small appliance market. At the same time, along with the explosive growth of demand and shortage of injection molding machine, customers were more concerned about the delivery time than the price. The new situation has made us to change our mindset and make sufficient pre-market preparation. Now, we actively help our customers to do purchase planning ahead of time, coordinate production capacity planning and market layout.