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50 years of growth through entrepreneurial brilliance +++ Pioneering role in the injection molding industry +++ 10 years of Haitian International +++ 10 years of Mars Technology, the world’s bestselling injection molding machine technology

Haitian International congratulates our company founder Mr. Zhang Jingzhang on Haitian’s 50-year anniversary. The Executive Board and all Board of Directors thanks for the brilliant entrepreneurial and an outstanding economic foundation that has made it possible for our company to enjoy healthy development and above-average growth.

“Throughout the years, Mr. Zhang has demonstrated entrepreneurial brilliance by working constantly with spirit and innovation like more than any other in the industry, while proceeding cautiously but also courageously,” states Prof. Helmar Franz, Member of the Board of Haitian International. “New directions, courage, and care” – upon celebrating the 50-year anniversary, this is the anniversary-slogan that concisely sums up the values of Haitian’s success story.

50 years of boldness and vision

The brand name itself, registered in 1984 and with its component parts meaning figuratively and literally “flowing thoughts (Hai; water) and “spiritual freedom” (Tian; heaven), already suggests mobility, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial vision and it is the company’s guiding principles to this day. Whenever an opportunity for entrepreneurial development came up itself it was reflected upon and used. In 1989, when China’s government loosened the economic environment and removed the trade barriers, Mr. Zhang was one of the first private entrepreneurs in his country to use the new situation for export trade. Three times to date already, Haitian has built what was the biggest injection molding machine on the market at its time:  a machine with a clamping force of 25,000 kN in 1997, 40,000 kN in 2004, and 66,000 kN in 2014. 2006 saw the restructuring of the company with the founding of Haitian International Holdings Ltd. with clear focused brands and the listing at the stock exchange. This was also the “green light” for Haitian International.

10 years of Haitian International

Haitian International has adopted Mr. Zhang’s business strategy and undertaken further development with the same intensity and innovative spirit, in particular by continuously expanding its consistent and sustainable focus on the customer.

As such, Haitian International focuses its multi-brand strategy on the needs of all kinds of markets, and with its product strategy of “Technology to the Point” it concentrates more strongly than ever on customer benefit. Whether it is servo-hydraulic or all-electric, Haitian International’s product portfolio brings together the entire technological expertise of 50 years of experience in building injection molding machines.

The company’s development bears impressive witness to this customer-oriented approach both in the business figures and in the operational indicators, as the 10-year achievements illustrate. Remarkably, in each of the ten years the growth rates for operational profit and net profit were always higher than the sales growth.

Business development 2006 & 2016:

  • Sales almost tripled
  • Net profit quadrupled
  • Number of machines sold tripled
  • Export sales doubled
  • Share price sextupled (Current market cap: around 3 billion USD)

The half-year figures for 2016 show that these trends are continuing.

Expansion of manufacturing and assembly capacities 2006 

  • 2007 Opening of the plants for production in Guangzhou and Wuxi
  • 2007 Opening of the Zhafir R&D Center and production in Germany and China
  • 2009 Opening of the Zhafir Germany assembly plant
  • 2014 Expansion of the Huayuan export company
  • 2014 Opening of the new company headquarters in Ningbo
  • 2014 Opening of the Zhafir Ningbo plant in Chunxiao
  • 2015 Opening of the Tongtu Lu II plant for large-size machines
  • 2015 Expansion of assembly surface area in Germany
  • Since 2011 continuous ongoing worldwide expansion through assembly plants in Brazil, India, Turkey, and Vietnam

10 years of Mars Technology

The founding of the company in 2006 also saw the beginning of the history of what is probably the most successful injection molding machine in the world, or more precisely the development of the servo-hydraulic and energy-saving Mars drive technology. The innovative, highly efficient Mars Series launched in 2007. By mid-2016 more than 150,000 units of this series had been sold.

Overall, plastics processors find the right technology for around 80% of market applications in the clearly structured machine spectrum of clamping force sizes ranging from 400 to 66,000 kN. These are applicable in every imaginable manufacturing process, singularly or integrated, from standard to high end. In addition, the currently latest performance variants reflect the developments and challenges of the years to come.


Portfolio and technology development 2006 2016

  • 2006 Development of the Mars drive technology
  • 2007 Introduction of the 3-brand strategy and segmentation of the portfolio into Planet Series for various applications/requirements
  • 2008 Development and introduction of all-electrical Zhafir Venus Series
  • 2012 Worldwide introduction of Machine Generation II
  • 2012 Premiere of the electric Zhafir Zeres with integrated servo-hydraulics
  • 2014 Performance variants MA/h and VEp/h/hs
  • 2015 Special optimizations MAII plus, JUII plus, VEII plus


Business figures, current market developments, globally increasing demand for energy-saving and efficiently operating technologies – all signs indicate further continual growth for Haitian International in the most important markets. The Haitian International company is finding worldwide acceptance and enjoys the trust of more than 30,000 customers, because the Haitian and Zhafir brands stand for high-value standard machines and advantageous solutions, with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The rapid expansion in clamping force categories, with medium and smaller tonnages in the electric series and larger ones in servo-hydraulics, will cover additional fields of application in various sectors and thus also develop new markets for Haitian International. And with the imminent modularization of the product portfolio, the range of technological solutions for processors will in the future offer even more variants and become even more application-based, continuing to bring them clear competitive advantages in terms of productivity and flexibility at best costs. The innovation strategy of “Technology to the Point” continues to be the core of the company’s strategic, and this logically includes the path already taken towards becoming a comprehensive systems provider. There is no question that Haitian International is well-positioned and is pursuing ambitious goals yet at the same time also has the necessary know-how and a clear strategy.