The Group built one of the largest machine production halls in the world in Ningbo.

(Ningbo) The Chinese global market leader expanded further and to date has invested over 50 million Euros (450 million RMB) in the expansion of its production facilities in Ningbo. The largest machine production hall in the world with 125,000 square meters of floor space was opened with a ceremony on October 8th by the Mayor of the Ningbo Region and the Government Secretary of the Beilun District, Mr. Chen Li Xing at the Haitian International Holding Ltd premises after a construction time of only 10 months.

Haitian International has invested around 34 million Euros in the construction of the building. The completion of all installations, production and assembly facilities, offices and the areas of research and development is estimated at a further 18 million Euros and planned to be completed beginning of 2009. In the future Haitian will employ more than 500 workers under one roof on an area the size of approximately 17 football fields as part of the development, manufacture and assembly of various machine concepts of the “Haitian” brand and is also planning to further stock up its workforce in this regard.

The series with the strongest sales “Saturn”, “Jupiter” and “Mars” will run there initially in light of the continuing demand for the efficient and economic machines of the traditional companies worldwide. A 10-20% expansion in capacity geared to model based demand is projected of the world market leader with these new production locations depending on production planning.

Meanwhile, with more than 5,000 models delivered up to now, the energy and water saving, servo driver precision machine “Haitian Mars Series” product with clamping forces of 600 to 40,000 kN now has the highest sales of the group ahead of the standard “Saturn” machine (5,300 to 40,000 kN). The two-platen machine “Haitian Jupiter Series” (12,000 to 60,000 kN) is equipped with the innovative “Mars Technology” and so compliments the Haitian portfolio of “energy savers”.