Triple premiere at Haitian International booth 5.1J61 +++ New solutions for automotive, packaging and consumer goods +++ World bestseller Mars (MA) Series as a cost-effective packaging specialist +++ Electric Zeres Series as a multi-component variant and as a LSM solution


ith a sales increase of 6.5 %, Haitian International continues to experience a strong tailwind in the world’s plastics processing markets. In times of a slowing global economy, the product strategy “Technology to the Point” is proving to be the mainstay – a constant in turbulent times. We will continue to pursue this strategy in the future. As for an answer in the search for more cost savings through more efficient processes, a greater scope for action will be through versatility. As a sustainable solution, it will provide more security in productivity and quality. Not only does it have energy savings of up to 70%, but thanks to the new Zhafir Jenius Series it now provides electrical solutions of up to 33,000 kN.

Consequently, Haitian International is presenting three new machine models and application packages among its four exhibits at Chinaplas 2019, which will give plastic processors further competitive and quality advantages. The focus will be on the most important sectors and branches of industries of the future, from automotive to technical consumer products and packaging. And while our technology continues to focus on new areas of application, we will also invest in additional locations and services for our customers. With new machining centers, assembly centers and application centers around the globe.


Our exhibits at Chinaplas 2019

Zhafir Zeres Series “M” – multi-component with wide platen

Chinaplas premiere: Zhafir presents a new electrical multi-component solution: the ZE-WM. With more than two decades of experience in electrical injection molding technology, Zhafir offers a solution with attractive price-performance for multi-component applications. With fundamental experience in electric drive technology, the new Zhafir Multi combines precise processing with “technology to the point”.

Application parameters

Model: ZE2300WM-210h/120h
Application: Back cover of a Smart Watch
Shot weight: 0.5 g
Cavities: 4
Material: Transparent PC+PC
Cycle: 45 sec

Zhafir Zeres Series – with Liquid Silicone Molding

The professional LSM solution, based on the electric Zhafir Zeres Series, is able to produce high-precision silicone products as well as highly qualified insert or multi-component self-adhesive parts. The specially developed injection device ensures a high weight consistency of the products and significantly increases the throughput speed of the self-adhesive process. Thanks to the clean and highly efficient process of electric drives, the Zhafir Liquid Silicone Mold System is able to meet the high requirements of a clean production environment in areas such as medicine, communication safety and baby products.

Application Parameters

Model: ZE1500-210
Application: LED lense for automotive lamp
Shot weight: 10 g (single)
Cavities: 2
Material: Dow MS 4022 liquid silicone rubber
Cycle: 80 sec

Haitian JUIII Series – First representative of the 3rd generation technology

Chinaplas premiere: The Haitian JUIII Series – developed on the basis of our extensive experience in research & development of two-platen solutions over the last two decades – offers significant improvements over the previous machine generations as well as further advantages for numerous mold applications. Whether large parts such as refuse bins and logistics boxes, high-precision automotive parts or high-tech parts with high surface quality, i.e. white goods, the Haitian JUIII series offers the best solutions. As a result of “Technology to the Point”, the further development of the Jupiter series focuses on flexibility, simplification and even more convenient control of the application.

Application parameters

Model: JU4500III/2230
Application: Interior panel of automotive door
Shot weight: 150 g
Cavities: 1
Material: ABS
Cycle: 40 sec

Haitian MA/F Series – High Speed for Packaging Solutions

Chinaplas premiere: The Haitian Mars II Series introduces its fast cycle version “F”. This new solution has been specially developed to produce plastic packaging very efficiently. With an injection speed of up to 500mm/s, the MA/F offers high and consistent process stability, especially for extremely thin and light products. With “Technology to the point”, the new MA/F represents the perfect balance between productivity and cost efficiency and will expand the scope of action for our customers.

Application parameters

Model: MA3800IIF/1280
Application: 750 ml Food Box
Shot weight: 14 g (single)
Cavities: 6
Material: PPS
Cycle: 4,5 sec