From April 25th to 28th, Haitian International held Plant Open Day at its headquarters in Ningbo. Over 800 customers from China and 36 countries and regions worldwide gathered in Ningbo for a feast of tech. They were invited to experience firsthand the leading strength and deep heritage of Haitian International.

During the Open Day, 11 sets of application-driven solutions were presented, covering  medical, automotive, white goods, consumer products, and packaging industries etc. These attracted numerous guests to immerse themselves into Haitian International’s technological innovations, wide application of its diversified machine portfolio.

In addition to a wide array of impressive injection molding solutions, the latest products and solutions from Haitian Precision, Haitian Drives, Haitian Die Casting, Haitian Smart Solutions, and Haitian Laser Machinery were also showcased. Major industry highlights, including CNC machine tools, die-casting machines, and smart factory management systems, were presented. The visitors had the chance to learn the diversified machines produced by different divisions under Haitian Group and its strength as a turnkey solution provider in the machinery industry.

During the plant tour section, visitors had the chance to visit several plants of Haitian, gaining deep insights into every aspect of the production and manufacturing of injection molding machines. Here, the world-leading automated production lines, advanced processing equipment, as well as green and efficient manufacturing systems were presented, showing Haitian’s strict control over the full lifecycle of products from multiple dimensions. Guests were extremely impressed by Haitian’s large-scale manufacturing capabilities, further solidifying their trust and confidence in the products under Haitian International.

In the future, Haitian International will continue to create value for customers, by engaging in dialogues with a broader range of domestic and international business partners. We will also bring more valuable customized solutions tailored to diverse needs and professional trends in different regions. Cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality will be harnessed to deliver efficiency and value beyond expectations, accessing to a broader market.