On August 10, Dongfeng Motor Group held the Yunfeng Project Summary and Commendation Conference, and Haitian Group won the title of “Excellent Supplier” with its excellent product solutions and customer service.

The Dongfeng Yunfeng Vehicle Plant Project is a new generation of green and environmentally friendly smart factory, built by Dongfeng Nissan. With the flexible and mixed production capacity of various models such as fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and pure electric vehicles, the factory is the main production site of Dongfeng new energy vehicle production, and is of great significance for Dongfeng Nissan to deepen its market in Central China.

In 2021, the automotive industry once faced crises and challenges such as chip shortages, pandemic prevention and control, and tensions in power supply. For the Yunfeng Project, Haitian Group brought intelligent and efficient injection molding solutions for the automotive industry to Dongfeng Motor, and providing it with full-process and comprehensive technical services. With high-quality and efficient equipment delivery and fast service response, Haitian Group will work with Dongfeng Motor to overcome the uncertainty of the external environment, and further achieve high-quality and sustainable production.

In the future, Haitian Group will continue to cooperate and develop with Dongfeng Motor to seize the strategic opportunity of new energy vehicle development, help Dongfeng Motor establish a highly competitive supply chain manufacturing system, and provide a strong backup guarantee for Dongfeng Motor to implement its brand upward strategy.