Since its launch, the new Generation 5 has proven itself in many applications and production lines. In the meantime, we have continued to work on many production solutions and have developed new, highly efficient industry solutions. Some of these will be presented at Chinaplas 2024 in Hall 5.1.

Smart. Flexible. Sustainable.

Digital intelligence is one of the keys to efficient manufacturing. Energy efficiency and productivity, reliable availability and low costs, environmental compatibility and greater sustainability are important goals. The G5 combines numerous innovations at the highest level focusing on these goals – ready for use in intelligent / interconnected productions, using manufacturer-independent open platforms. On top of that, G5 offers a wide range of energy-efficient and energy-saving features. The result: double-digit energy savings with improved precision.

Our exhibits at booth 5.1D32:

VE1900V-430h – Zhafir Venus Series
All-electric clean room solution for high-cavity precision injection molding, with automation for unmanned production.

VE600V-80h – Zhafir Venus Series
Highly specialized industry solution for the precise production of optical lenses, with real-time process monitoring.

MA2100F/580 – Haitian Mars Series
World premiere of the MA/F series in the 5th generation, as a high-speed packaging solution with IML cell and side-entry robot system.

JU5500V/3450 – Haitian Jupiter Series
Two-platen technology for automotive solutions, equipped with a Trexel micro-foam unit for the production of lightweight components.

Zhafir Venus Series
All-electric precision for cleanroom medical technology

Designed to meet the high standards of the industry, the certified VE1900V-430h with medical package offers a wide range of turnkey solutions. For clean, high-cavity precision injection molding – even in unmanned production.

All-electric drives eliminate hydraulic oil contamination. An antistatic paint finish, standard in the medical industry, makes cleaning easier. In addition, the mold area features contactless tie bars that do not require grease lubrication for cleanliness.

To support document traceability, Zhafir offers data collection in conjunction with MES, allowing production data to be stored in the cloud.

Application: A 96-cavity produces a cap for PE blood collection tubes. The part weight is 0.7 g with a cycle time of 5.5 seconds. The integrated automation solution enables unmanned production.

Zhafir Venus Series
Highest precision for the production of optical lenses

The VE600V-80h with LENS package is a specialized optics machine whose all-electric injection molding technology is precisely tailored to the high quality requirements of lenses and whose control system enables  an efficient production processes.

Machine design, high-rigidity housing, precision linear guides and optimized thermal balance of the platens ensure maximum precision in the motion accuracy of the mold. The injection system is designed for optical lens materials. It ensures extremely precise injection molding.

Specially developed synchronous data acquisition software provides comprehensive production data in real time and a transparent display of production fluctuations.

Application: A lens for smartphone cameras is produced, with special material COC (cyclo-olefin copolymer). A 12-cavity mold runs a cycle time of less than 21 seconds, the part weight is just 0.005 g.

Haitian Mars F Series
World premiere of the packaging professional

MA2100F/580 is displayed as a complete high-performance package for high-speed thin-walled containers + IML cell + side-entry robot. Energy-saving, stable, efficient, with fast cycle time.

The MA/F achieves injection speeds of up to 500 mm/s and supports short mold opening and closing times. At Chinaplas this technical capability is supported by a fast and responsive IML cell.  2.8 seconds cycle-time is the result.

Significant energy savings are achieved through electrical charging. The use of customized plasticizing components ensures an excellent plasticizing performance and consistently high melt quality, even with ultra-short production cycles. In addition, the responsive 15-inch control system provides insightful machine data e.g. for intelligent energy management.

In-mold labeling improves efficiency and stability, prevents deformation and label peeling, is environmentally friendly and is also increasingly in demand in other industries, although high initial investments and adjustments to production processes represent major hurdles. The new MA/F generation effectively addresses these issues.

Application: A 4-cavity ice box with 3.9 g is produced from high-flow PP. With IML application and side-entry removal, the cycle time is less than 2.8 seconds.

Haitian Jupiter Series
Space-saving two-platen solution for lightweight components

The JU5500V/3450 is an energy-saving and highly efficient solution for the automotive industry. At Chinaplas 2024 it is equipped with a Trexel micro-foaming unit and micro-mold opening for the production of lightweight components. Significant energy savings of up to 40% are achieved through electrical charging.

a new generation of control technology with improved UI design supports efficiency and is extremely responsive. A new plasticizing unit increases plasticizing efficiency and a new cylinder cooling structure improves plasticizing consistency. All in all, the new generation is faster and more reliable.

In Trexel’s microfoaming process, inert gas is introduced into the cylinder through a custom designed system. A specially designed screw ensures that the gas is evenly distributed in the plastic melt before it is injected into the mold. The micro-mold opening provides control with a repeatability of up to 0.02 mm.The result is an increase in wall thickness from 2.6 mm to 5.1 mm with a weight reduction of approximately 32%. Part stability is improved, warpage/deformation is minimized and raw material savings are significant.

Application: A 1-cavity, lightweight automotive part for chassis made of PP is produced with 360 g at a cycle time of 48 sec.