Grand groundbreaking ceremony of second-phase plant of Haitian Huayuan Vietnam was held on January 1st, 2019. Mr. Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian International, Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, President of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group, and Mr. Chen Weiqun, Vice President of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group attended the ceremony.

Haitian Vietnam’s second-phase plant covers an area of about 7,000 square meters, which will effectively enhance Haitian’s local production capacity and meet the growing market demand. The project of second-phase plant is expected to be completed in July 2019. In addition to the main plant, sports and entertainment facilities such as basketball court and football field will be added to enrich the sports activities of local employees.

Mr. Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian International, expressed his gratitude to the Vietnamese employees for their hard work, and encouraged everyone to continue to carry forward the spirit of Haitian staff and create new achievements.

Mr. Le Andun, General Manager of Haitian Vietnam said that, the start of the second-phase plant of Haitian Vietnam is a symbol of Haitian’s 10-year vigorous development in Vietnam and an extremely exciting event. He hoped that all parties will cooperate sincerely and complete the construction of second-phase plant on time with good quality. He also sent a wonderful New Year’s greeting to all guests.