30,000 machines delivered and 82.8% turnover increasing in 2010 –– Haitian International is significantly expanding market leadership around the world.

One of the largest producers of injection molding machines announces its annual results for 2010: Haitian International (Share Code: 1882) is announcing the total sales of around 7 billion RMB. The energy saving Haitian Mars Series continues to pull the crowds with a share in sales of around approximately 70%. The all-electric Zhafir Venus Series has been sold 800 times to date. The amount in exports increased by more than 100% overall.

The group was able to raise turnover by 82.8% from around 3,861.3 to 7,057.3 million RMB for the financial year that ended on December 31, 2010. The net Profit, attributable to shareholders went up by 136.1% to 1.062,6 million RMB.

The Innovative products with sustainability

Based on the customer benefits, innovation with sustainability is always on the top of the company’s management agenda. At the same time, we also got good feedbacks from the market. In 2010, more than 20,000 Mars machines are sold which turns the energy saving into a standard feature. The all-electrical machines Zhafir Venus Series were sharply increased in sales because it’s brilliant energy saving efficiency, high efficiency and high precision features. In 2011, the group will add the energy saving features to the Pluto Series under Tianjian brand which is especially for the simple plastics parts market.

Prof Helmar Franz, Executive Director and CSO of Haitian International comments, “coming with the rising cost pressure and address resourse saving is high on the agenda all across plastics industry. We more and more realize that sustainability will be one of the key values when it comes to innovation in technology of the future. All this will drive the growth in using plastics parts and also increase opportunities for the new applications.”

Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International comments the achievements: “The 30,000 machines sold give us an unprecedented result. This remarkable development is based on the consistent further development of our products, the constant optimization of our production efficiency and above all on an outstanding distribution-oriented presence. We were able to expand our position in China and increase exports considerably.”

Vision to the future

For Haitian International, the target is not to have the market under control, we think about the development in the future. The environment problem has been the hottest topic in the world now. How to reduce the carbon footprint? What is the energy after oil? We plan to invest in the coming years into applications development, so making it af­fordable and feasible for our customers to use recycled and filled plastics, plastics with new properties, so to help to reduce the carbon footprint for the finished goods. Currently Haitian developed a special machine for using a mixture from stone and plastics to make such products like bath ware, and the results are very promising.

Prof. Helmar Franz emphasized: “Basically we talk about Bio-plastics, these are plastics made from renewable sources, like grass, starch, lac­tone and others. Not many know that plas­tics are not in need to have oil as a source. Oil is just the cheapest available material at this moment. When polymer first has been developed in the 16h century, it used gout cheese as a source. To process those biode­gradable and bio based plastics, it requires a lot of new process applications. And this is the field of our new Zhafir Mercury Se­ries. ”

At the same time, the new technology Micro Celluar Foaming (MCF) which is the result or a cooperation between Trexel and Haitian International will also be a big revolution in the plastics parts manufacturing. This technology will best maintain­ the original mechanical properties, improve the product quality while reduces the manufacturing cost. You will find the details about it in the press release of the product introduction.

Long Term Marketing Strategy

Beside introducing new and innovative products and addressing sustainability, the group is also making future plans for the global market.

In 2010, the group opened a technical center in Japan. Mr. Ozora, the General Manager of Japanese Office explained: “You know the Japanese market. It is very difficulty to accept the foreign brands especially the Chinese brands. We are very happy to see that a lot of Japanese companies are paying high attention and interests to the Zhafir brand. As the cost pressure in Japan is rising, a lot of Japanese companies start to move their operations to South East Asia. At the same time, they also want to find the adequate equipment which has the appropriate technology level at reasonable price. Zhafir would be the best choice for them. Now we are very busy at mold testing and machine testing in the technique center. ”

Considering the fast development in South East Asia, on 8th, May, 2011, Haitian International inaugurated another subsidiary in Viet Nam. “South East Asia is and will remain for a long time the dominant factor in our industry and this is mainly a result of the large population here. Plastics parts are mainly used in consumer goods, like cars, consumer electronics and mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and household goods. It is also largely related to human related industries, like medical, packaging, building and logistics. Therefore there is a large potential for the development of the plastics industry here.” Mr. Chen Weiqun, the General Manager of the Export Sales said, “We inaugurated our subsidiary in Viet Nam, on the one hand it means we pay great attention to this potential market, on the other hand, we want to reduce the delivery time and provide better and faster service to the related countries and regions in South East Asia. ”


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