“Haitian Mars” and “Zhafir Venus” in perfect harmony with the customer segment

Global market leader Haitian International Holdings Ltd is again emphasizing the positioning of the group in international competition with the market launch at the Fakuma trade fair. First and foremost CEO Zhang Jianming defines the customer segment of his two-brand-strategy as very selective with the machining concepts “Haitian Mars Series” and “Zhafir Venus Series” showcased. “While the “Mars” satisfies the processors in the higher standard segment as a hybrid standard machine, particularly by dint of its energy efficiency, the precision processors are rediscovering an unbeatable price-performance-ratio with the all electric “Venus”, which it offers this target group by means of its superior performance parameters and comprehensive standard equipment.”

The “Mars Series” achieves energy savings of up to 80% compared with products in the same class with fixed pumps as a result of its dynamic servo-drive in all available clamping force ranges from 600 to 40,000 kN. The environmentally friendly technology of the noise reduced and closed loop hydraulic consumes considerably less cooling water and the toothed gear pump, with automatic and variable alignment, controls the motor speed range increase relevant for the process from 0 to 2,000 U/min. This accomplishes maximum performance in 0.05 seconds by a Keba control also with significantly stronger acceleration compared to asynchronous motors.


Zhang consistently overturns the results of international market analyses with the strategic positioning of the “Haitian Mars Series”. Standard segment customers throughout the world are referring back to the energy efficiency factor more and more in their investment decision. Originally the “Mars” – formerly “J5”- was further developed with this innovative servo-drive technology fundamentally for the home market. Since companies in China have to declare their energy needs and since in a few regions an excess requirement is not simply delivered the processors there already started to use energy and water saving machines a long time ago in order to be able to operate more machines using the same amount of energy and so to be able to increase their productivity. Long Huirong, Deputy General Manager at Kaili Blade Manufacture in Ningbo – a producer of disposable razor components – gives the reasons for his decision on this series of machines to that effect: “The high precision, fully electric machines of foreign manufacturers far exceed our needs and the hydraulic standard machines from most of the domestic suppliers consume too much energy. The “Mars” from Haitian therefore blends optimally into our manufacturing.”

5.000 machines sold

Accordingly the “energy saver” amongst the standard machines is also meeting with more and more approval outside of China. So, for example, the Australian KS-Fitting manufacturer “Philmac Pty Ltd” in Adelaide backs up the statements of their fellow Chinese campaigners: “Haitian really has developed an energy-saving machine at an optimum price-performance-ratio for our purposes. If anything I would even classify the marketing and sales points from Haitian with regard to energy savings and precision as conservative because the machines have more than met our expectations.” With this as the background it is no wonder that the “Mars” that is gentle on resources is listed as the most successful machine concept within the group in the current half-yearly balance figures of the holding with over 5,000 machines sold in the meantime.


While the Mars series satisfies the customers in the standard segment with low procurement and operating costs in particular the reasoning of the per se energy efficient, the all electric “Zhafir Venus” series with clamping forces of 400 to 4100 kN relate to the reasonable series configuration and consequently the outstanding price-performance ratio for users in the precision segment: “With regard to pricing the “Venus” ranks at the level of the European hydraulic machines and integrates a technical package as well, which satisfies the high-end processor with regard to performance characteristics and the multitude of uses in almost every requirement desired”, Helmar Franz, CSO of the Haitian Group, outlines the international market opportunities of the premium product. The Zhafir Venus series commands independent parallel movements on all axes through its module drive concept using multiple servomotors. For the customers that means short cycle times and consequently a measurable increase in production and clear cost advantages. The balanced ejection motion is also extremely precise as a result of the servo driven twin ball screws with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

A high speed version of the injection unit offers high injection performance, e.g. for the production of thin-walled molded parts. Both the user friendly program for injection embossing and the latest control technology from Sigmatek are part of the standard scope of delivery. “Process stability and high molded part precision have the highest priority at Zhafir. A reliable and precise injection unit, a constantly regulated cylinder temperature, the optimized plasticizing unit and a well-engineered control system are the essential characteristics of the product”, Fu Nanhong, Development Manager, summarizes the core characteristics of the “Zhafir Venus Series”. On the strength of its outstanding performance capability the machine can be used in a broad range of precision applications, e.g. for the high demands in the electro technical and electrical industry with respect to zero-defect-production, in the optics industry with regard to surface quality, in clean room technology due to its cleanliness as well as in terms of speed and precision with thin-walled molded parts and with micro-injection molding.


The German distributorship HT Deutschland GmbH (Hall A7/7110 at the Fakuma trade show) is exhibiting a “Haitian Mars Series” with 2,000 kN with which an automotive body part of the new Audi Q5 is produced. A “Zhafir Venus Series” type 900 produces an 8-cavities technical automotive part from A. Raymond.

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