New records for revenue and profit +++ 14% growth in exports +++ Fully electric Venus achieves 49.7% growth +++ Continued success by focusing consistently on the customer

The group of companies achieved sales revenues to the tune of RMB 3,810.60 million for the first half of 2014 equating to a 5.2% increase in comparison with the first half of 2013. The gross profit margin rose from 30.7% in the first half of 2014 to 32.3%. Operating profit rose to RMB 724.2 million, an increase of 13.2% in comparison with the previous year.

The business environment both internationally and domestically continued to be difficult and unpredictable in the first half of 2014. Nevertheless the company was able to maintain its dynamic growth and make record results in terms of both revenue and profit. “These remarkable figures are an expression of our committed efforts, throughout the group of companies, to maintain our leading position with regard to revenue earnings, technical innovation, and operational efficiency,” says Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International.

In the Chinese domestic market the group was able to further expand its leadership. With an increase of 2% in comparison to the same period last year, domestic sales reached a new record level of RMB 2,527.7 million. Export sales reached a new record at RMB 1,204.7 million with an increase of 14%. Conspicuously not only was there a sales growth in emerging markets such as Turkey or Brazil, but also a continuing gain in market shares with premium machines, for example in markets such as USA, Korea, or Thailand. The success is attributable on the one hand to the increased performance quality of the second generation of machines, especially because of the focus on application through “Technology to the Point” and on the other hand to the expansion of the range of offerings in the small and large performance classes. Additionally the enhanced international reputation of the Haitian and Zhafir brand names played a part. Thus, for example, sales of injection-molding machines in the lower performance classes rose by 7% to RMB 2,424.5 million.

Sales of the fully electric, premium Zhafir Venus Series increased by as much as 49.7% to RMB 264.4 million, while the Jupiter Series with its two-platen technology, currently available in clamping forces of up to 66,000 kN, achieved sales of RMB 222.1 million, equivalent to an increase of 53.1%. With the electrical Zeres machine, Zhafir Plastics Machinery has successfully introduced onto the market a electric machine with an integrated hydraulic unit and makes it possible for those processors who continue working with tools with hydraulic core pulls to profit from the high energy efficiency and many other advantages of electric machines.

Customer orientation and efficiency will also be the focus of the company’s activities in the future. Assembly plants and service centers will be constructed abroad, for example in India and Germany. The intention is to give the customer further specific advantages in terms of application and cost efficiency with new products and solutions. Mr. Zhang Jianming says: “For the second half of 2014, we assume that the business climate for the world economy will remain difficult. This makes production efficiency and an attractive price/performance ratio even more important to the processor. Our highly efficient machine designs and precisely tailored solutions are the answer.”