Haitian Europe, the European subsidiary of Haitian International Holding Ltd., will operate out of Germany starting June 2010. Target is to realign itself organizationally and with regard to infrastructure with this relocation to optimally position the brands “Haitian” and specifically “Zhafir” brand in Europe’s high tech markets. At the same time, synergies are to be created in logistics, development and brand coordination with the 100% subsidiary company Zhafir Plastics Machinery in Ebermannsdorf, which is why the decision was made in favor of Greater Nuremberg as the new location.

Haitian Europe is one of Haitian International’s five regional offices worldwide and for a long time has supported European sales and marketing from the Italian Cazzago San Martino.Haitian International sees the best site for controlling its Europe wide activities in the course of the optimization of its sales and service in Germany’s infrastructure regarding logistic and technologic requirements and possibilities in particular.

In addition to this Haitian International has invested in its German high-tech business entity “Zhafir Plastics Machinery” since a few years – in a final step a 4000 square meter production hall was built in Ebermannsdorf.The management of the business entity is convinced of possessing significant growth potential with the Zhafir series “Venus” and later on with the “Mercury” as well – particularly on the German market – and with the shift in location would like to prepare the organization of its sales and marketing in an optimal way.The Zhafir Venus Series – fully electric precision at the price of a hydraulic machine – has already been launched successfully and starting at the end of 2010 the group wants to set new standards in the injection molding sector with the innovative newcomer the “Zhafir Mercury” series.

Therefore, Eric Taveau, General Manager of Haitian Europe, confirms:“We are guaranteeing optimum sales and service support for our agencies through the shift in our place of business and with the newly created assembly and selling capacities for the Zhafir in Ebermannsdorf we are increasing our rating on the German market several times over.Consequently, our response times and the results at the client’s are being optimized in every respect. Furthermore Germany is our most important market and it is precisely here that we would like to be as close as possible to the client.”

The European central office is also profiting as a bridge to the Chinese parent company with an entire series of synergetic effects from the proximity to Zhafir.The joint use of the new application center in Ebermannsdorf, the improved stock-keeping and delivery logistics as well as the significantly simplified direct communication between the Haitian and Zhafir development engineers are of mention here.Now starting June 2010, the flying experts of the support center can finally settle down in the midst of the largest European market and then support the clients and the other European branches more efficiently and more professionally.Eric Taveau is certain of pursuing the right strategy properly on the European market with the shift in location and the optimization of sales and marketing for the Zhafir products aligned with it:“The market thinks cumulatively.In recent years demand for energy saving machines has increased substantially. Up to now the acquisition costs of fully electric solutions for the most part were too high. And we will be convincing with our “Venus” right here on this point:Strong in performance and price.”