At 3:28, the afternoon of June 18 (Brazil time), the flag is flying in the place where Haitian Brazil is located in Sao Roque, Sao Paulo, Brazil, , witnessing the decennial ceremony for Haitian Brazil.

Mr. Zhang Jianming, Chairman of the Board of Haitian International Holding, Prof. h. c. Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Franz, board member and Chief Strategic Officer, and Mr. Chen Weiqun, the general manager of Haitian Huayuan gathered with over 500 prestigious guests here including the local government officers, customers and business partners in Brazil.

Mr. Rodrigo Nunes, the senator of Sao Roque came and made a speech. Mr. Zhang Jianming, on behalf of the Haitian headquarter also made a sincere welcome speech. In his speech, Mr. Zhang highly evaluated the performance of the team of Haitian Brazil in the past ten years and attended his sincere gratitude for their hard work. Mr. Zhang also introduced to the guests about the current development of Haitian International, its further movements in the overseas market as well as its strategy for development in future. On behalf of Haitian International, Mr. Zhang also extended his gratitude to the customers and friends of Haitian for their prolonging support and help to Haitian.

In its development in the past ten years, Brazil Haitian has made brilliant achievements. So far, the company now has over 1,500 customers throughout Brazil, selling around 900 units of injection molding machines per year. Up to date, Haitian International has already sold more than 6,000 machines in the Brazilian market and has established 15 regional sales and service networks, in order to provide comprehensive service and support to its customers. With the unremitting efforts in past decade, Haitian has also successfully established a pleasant mutual trustworthy relationship with customers from a variety of industries.

After the speech session during the ceremony, the guests were invited to the cocktail party and the display of second generation machines as carefully prepared by the organizer. The machines on display included Haitian’s full range of second generation machines, such as JU12000II, VE1900II and MA2800II etc., with onsite display together with the molds and robots. All the participants were quite impressed about the new generation machines presented by Haitian in its overseas market since this year, asking about the relevant technical highlights and improvements.

Finally, the celebration is ended with a traditional Chinese firework play, which not only brought about a splendid visual feast to all the guests, but also indicated a more fruitful future of Haitian Brazil.