With the start of the summer, many places in China have undergone a “continuous baking” mode. Under high temperature, bacteria multiply rapidly. In this case, food preservation should not be underestimated. With the improvement of living standards, people’s environmental and health requirements for food are constantly growing, and household PET storage products are particularly important in life.

01 PET storage boxEnsuring food safety begins with food storage first.

Food grade PET storage box, with high transparency, high stiffness and oil and fat resistance, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 55 to 60℃, and can withstand high temperature of 65℃ and low temperature of -70℃ for short-term use. In addition to low gas and water vapor permeability, the box has excellent gas, water, oil and odor resistance. With high transparency, UV protection, good gloss and non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, the box can be directly used for food packaging.

02 Manufacturing process and technical difficulties

PET resin has high glass transition temperature, high molding shrinkage, poor dimensional stability, brittle crystallization and low heat resistance. Therefore, PET products have strict requirements for process and stability in the application process. Otherwise, it is easy to cause product defects.

  • During the injection process, it is common that the pressure is too high which will cause the surface around the gate to turn white;
  • It may cause plasticizing problems due to improper plasticizing process and poor mold exhaust, resulting in bubbles;
  • If the raw materials are not completely dried or the mold surface is condensed, the surface of the product will be crazed.

03 Haitian PET solution

Aiming at the characteristics and production difficulties of PET, Haitian PET solution can be compatible with other products to the greatest extent while mastering the production of storage boxes. With an excellent price / performance ratio of our sophisticated solutions, it can make up for the market gap and achieve efficient and stable production.

  • Upgraded core components to reduce production risks
    The special machine is made of PET high-efficiency and high-mixing special plasticizing components. With the plasticizing efficiency increased by more than 30%, it improves the production efficiency and quality.

  • Optimize cooling system
    The PET production process requires extremely high mold temperature. If the water cooling temperature is too high, the surface of the product turns white.Is the temperature too low, the humidity is high and the condensation phenomenon occurs. A dedicated water circuit design improves the heat exchange efficiency of the mold to ensure a high quality rate of the products.
  • Clamping components
    The clamping components – based on the Mars Series (MAIII) – provides a high rigidity platen to comprehensively improve the clamping performance and optimize the ejection structure to meet the process requirements.
  • Injection stability
    The full closed-loop function for standard injection can realize the fine control of the injection process and solve the stability problem at low speed.